37 fascinating things in Cardiff you may not have noticed

04:00 Feb 10, 2019

"..The type of flour that went into it was made by Spillers milling company, which expanded from Somerset ... nets off the Irish coast in 1912 and brought to Cardiff to live at Victoria Park. Billy died in April 1939 and her skeleton is preserved at the ..."
"..You may have noticed a large plaque on the wall in Cardiff's House of Fraser. Old Rawlins was a protestant preacher in the 1500s who was burnt at the stake in the Welsh captial. These holes on Lansdowne Road railway bridge ... of the old school and several ..."
"..If you look inside you can see pieces of art by artist Jane Edden and students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama called Post Secrets. In 2010 one of Cardiff's oldest pubs closed its doors. Sadly, The Cow and Snuffers pub in Llandaff North was ..."

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